Program outline

August 10 (Wednesday)

FM6-1: Radio observations and theory I (Aug. 10, 10:30-12:00, 90 minutes)

  1. Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (Curtin University, Australia) – The Importance of Wideband Spectral Observations of Radio Emission in Galaxy Clusters
  2. Ruta Kale (NCRF-TIFR, India) – Revealing properties of non-thermal emission from galaxy clusters using the Upgraded GMRT
  3. Reinout Van Weeren (Leiden University, Netherlands) – LOFAR observations of the Perseus Cluster
  4. Christian Groeneveld (Leiden University, Netherlands) – Galaxy clusters in the Decameter Sky
  5. Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF, Italy) – Tackling the complexity of non-thermal phenomena in galaxy cluster sand LSS

FM6-2: SZ Observations (Aug. 10, 13:30-15:00, 90 minutes)

  1. Florian Ruppin (University of Lyon, France) – High angular resolution SZ cartography of galaxy clusters with NIKA2 at the IRAM 30-m telescope
  2. Charles Romero (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, USA) – The utility of subarcminute SZ observations with MUSTANG-2
  3. Stefania Amodeo (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, France) – Gas thermodynamics from the SZ effects: an ACT view
  4. Luca Di Mascolo (University of Trieste, Italy) – Multi-wavelength view of a massive galaxy cluster merger at z=1.13
  5. Joshiwa Van Marrewijk (ESO, Netherlands) – RXC-J2014.8-2430, the strongest cool core galaxy cluster in REXCESS: How the hot intracluster medium affects the cold molecular gas in and around the brightest cluster galaxy

FM6-3: X-ray observations and theory I (Aug. 10, 15:15-16:45, 90 minutes)

  1. Irina Zhuravleva (University of Chicago, USA) Updates on Turbulence in Hot ICM
  2. Yuto Ichinohe (Rikkyo University, Japan) – XRISM observation of galaxy clusters
  3. Eugene Churazov (MPA, Germany) – ICM dynamics in the Coma cluster (X-ray view)
  4. Congyao Zhang (University of Chicago, USA) – Giant shock waves in galaxy clusters
  5. Eunyu Lee (UNIST, Korea) – Shocks in merging galaxy clusters in cosmological simulations

August 11 (Wednesday)

FM6-4: X-ray observations and theory II (Aug. 11, 10:30-12:00, 90 minutes)

  1. Hiroki Akamatsu (SRON, Netherlands) – X-ray and radio multi-wavelength view of clusters of galaxies
  2. Junhan Kim (Caltech, USA) – A Multi-Probe Analysis of the 3-D Shapes and Non-Thermal Pressure in the CHEX-MATE Galaxy Clusters
  3. John ZuHone (CfA, USA) – The interaction between merger-driven gas motions and AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies
  4. Roland Timmerman (Leiden University, Netherlands) – Measuring cavity powers of active galactic nuclei in clusters using a hybrid X-ray/radio method
  5. Takuya Akahori (NAOJ/SKAO, Japan) – Phoenix rising from the ashes – co-existence of violent cooling and AGN feedback
  6. Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA, Germany) – X-ray manifestations of AGN feedback, mergers and satellite accretion with the IllustrisTNG simulations

FM6-5: High-energy phenomena and weak lensing (Aug. 11, 13:30-15:00, 90 minutes)

  1. Rafael Alves-Batista (UA Madrid, Spain) – Neutrinos and gamma rays from clusters of galaxies
  2. Saqib Hussain (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) – High-energy gamma-ray production in clusters of galaxies
  3. Ji-Hoon Ha (UNIST, Korea) – Particle acceleration at accretion shocks around galaxy clusters
  4. M. James Jee (Yonsei University, Korea) – Weak-lensing Study of Merging Galaxy Clusters and Probes of Dark Matter
  5. Kyle Finner (Caltech, USA) – Weak-lensing analysis of 30 merging clusters that exhibit radio relics
  6. Wonki Lee (Yonsei University, Korea) – Discovery of peculiar double radio relics in the merging cluster ZwCl J1447.2+2619

FM6-6: Radio observations and theory II (Aug. 11, 15:15-16:45, 90 minutes)

  1. Annalisa Bonafede (University of Bologna & INAF, Italy) – Magnetic field in galaxy clusters and beyond: new perspectives from low frequency observations
  2. James Okwe Chibueze (North-West University, South Africa) – MeerKAT’s view of an interaction between intra-cluster magnetic field and blackhole jets
  3. Erik Osinga (Leiden University, Netherlands) – The detection of cluster magnetic fields via radio source depolarization
  4. Paola Dominguez Fernandez (University of Bologna, Italy) – Substructure and patchiness in radio relics
  5. Jurjen De Jong (Leiden University, Netherlands) – Particle reacceleration in the pre-merging radio bridge A399-401
  6. Rajsekhar Mohapatra (Australian National University, Australia) – Multiphase turbulence in the ICM: the role of turbulence heating and the effect of the driving

(~20 minutes for invited talks, ~13 – 15 minutes for contributed talks)